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The China Superpower Hoax

From AlterNet The China Superpower Hoax How is a country with a lower per capita income than Mexico hailed by so many as the next global superpower? September 23, 2010 China must have the best public relations maestros in … Continue reading

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NYT Kristof on the wealthy, the development community–and my additional visceral reactions I often wonder whether the commitment to the “end of poverty” is more of a ploy to satiate the conscience of the rich and the well-connected for doing development work that actually serves their interest—irrespective of whether such development … Continue reading

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Michael Klare on the pivotal role China will play in global energy politics Text from the site reposted below…. Twenty-First Century Energy Superpower China, Energy, and Global Power By Michael T. Klare If you want to know which way the global wind is blowing (or the sun shining or the coal burning), … Continue reading

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(Re)Introduction to the World

My (Re)Introduction to the World By Nicholas T. Dahlheim September 22, 2010 I choose to put some of my intellectual work up here on Facebook for others to see. I will no longer post in the “News Feed” portion of … Continue reading

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A Response to an interesting post about the Ground Zero story My response is in the comments section of this link. The text of my response is also included below… What a thoughtful piece. Hat tip to my friend Dr. Kenneth Howell for linking to this article. I do think … Continue reading

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