Sports–An Introduction to My Thoughts

I’ll admit, although my exhaustion for overpaid players and narcissistic and greedy owners interferes, I still have a passion, however much it is weakening, for certain sports.  My chief passion is for baseball with basketball being a very close second in my sporting affections.

I have been a lifelong Cub fan.  My dad, as a product of the North Shore suburbs of Chicago, had always been a major devotee of that pitiful team on the North Side.  I remember watching Steve Stone and the legendary Harry Caray broadcast Cubs game on WGN in the late 1980s and early 1990s with my old man.  I, too, have sacrificed many a tear for my Cubbbies.  The Bartman game will always be on the saddest days of my life.  Just 5 outs away from making it to their first World Series since the conclusion of the Second World War, the Cubs blew it.  Since then, the Red Sox have won two World Series and the hated cross-town White Sox even got their lone World Series Championship of recent memory.  The Cubs, even after a couple of playoff appearances since the 2003 Bartman game ended so ignominously, continue to break the hearts of fans and prove interminably unable to win in the postseason.

Luckily, for basketball, I have had far more success in the fandom.  I grew up watching MJ dominate for the Chicago Bulls on the NBA on NBC bringing back six titles and unparalleled basketball brilliance to Chicago.  Also, the University of Illinois always fielded competitive teams in the NCAA.  Furthermore, my high school brought back the IL 2A state championship in 2000.

As for American football, fútbol (soccer), hockey, the Olympic sports and others; I have fewer opinions and less knowledge.  I will ocasionally discuss these sports as they also are important to understanding sport in our 21st century world.

Anyway, my next post will focus on the Texas Rangers, formerly the Washington Senators, another long-suffering MLB Franchise.  Their record of futility doesn’t quite compare to that of my Cubs, but I think my position as a Cubs fan gives me a unique perspective on the franchises like the Texas Rangers.

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2 Responses to Sports–An Introduction to My Thoughts

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    • Sorry I took almost two days to reply. Have had some phone interviews and odds and ends to which I had to attend. Thank you for your great comments. I appreciate the support and the good word, though. Strange that Yahoo led you to my WordPress blog when you were looking up information about weight loss. Well, I’ll post a new story with some commentary later on tonight.

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